What's Going On at CNS?

Community Nursery School's schedule is made up of two semesters, following the Appleton Area School District calendar. The 3-4 Year Old school year is slightly shorter than the 4K school year and usually concludes before Memorial Day.

Important Dates 2020-2021

CNS Welcome To 4K Night: TBD
TIME: TBD for the Morning class
TIME: TBD for the Afternoon class


CNS 3-4 Year Old Preschool Open House Night: TBD
TBD for the Monday/Wednesday class
TBD for the Tuesday/Thursday class

3k (3-4 year olds) Class Calendar:

Download the 2020-2021 3k Class calendar

4K (4-5 year olds) Class Calendar:

AASD 4K Community Partner

Download the 2020-2021 4K Class calendar

*Class times subject to change.

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