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What We Do

It is our intent to provide your child with a loving and nurturing first school experience. At CNS we focus on group and independent activities that encourage emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth.


Typical Day at CNS

8:45-9:30/8:30-9:15 (12:20-1:05)
Greeting, sharing time, encouragement of language, special projects or activities of the day, concept development, or perhaps a field trip or special visitor.


9:30-10:20/9:15-10:15 (1:05-2:05)
Free play activities such as painting, play dough, sensory table, trucks, housekeeping area, dress up puzzles, blocks, crafts, toys, books, etc.


10:20-10:45/10:15-11:00 (2:05-2:50)
Clean up time, large group activities such as music, singing, musical instruments, finger plays, or group circle games, washing hands, snack.


10:45-11:15/11:00-11:45 (2:50-3:35)

Large motor activities, story, preparation for going home, dismissal.


There are no organized field trips in the 3K (3-4 year olds) classes.


Special Events

Community Helper Day

Pajama Day

Summer in Winter Day

Field Trips

Fall trip to a farm & pumpkin patch

Winter trip to a nature center

Spring trip to Heid Music

Special Visits

Community helpers


Special story tellers (parents)

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